July 28, 2010


CCRA (California Court Reporters Association) has a mentoring program for court reporting students.  IT'S COMPLETELY FREE! You just have to be a court reporting student currently attending a court reporting program in California, or a California resident going through an online court reporting program.

Click here to see all the details -- student and mentor guidelines, applications, and lists.

I was paired recently with Rose who is a working reporting near my area, and we've been exchanging emails. It's so nice to know that I have a professional court reporter just a drive, click, call, or text away.  Thank GOD for the mentors who willingly give of their time and wisdom to us students.  I will definitely put myself on the mentor list once I become a working reporter... and I encourage all my fellow court reporting students to do the same!
A big THANK YOU to CCRA for putting together this Each One Reach One mentoring program. You are helping so many students that really need some one-on-one guidance, support, and a sounding board.  THANK YOU, CCRA!!! :)

July 25, 2010


The following are excerpts from Chapter 15, "Successful People Don't Find Time -- They Make Time," of one of my most frequented books, Life's Greatest Lessons by Hal Urban.  Enjoy! :)
"Time if life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it."
- Alan Lakein

The most important step is to develop a new way of looking at time. We need to view it as a resource. It's always there, but like any other resource, it can be put to good use or it can be wasted. But there's one big difference between this resource and others: we can't save it, store it up, stockpile it, or hoard it. We can't turn it on or off, and we can't replace it. We're forced to spend it, minute by minute.  And once we spend it, we can't retrieve it.  That's why the way we spend our time is the way we measure the quality of our lives. Time is life.

There are some distince differences between the way winners and losers view time, talk about time, and use time. Here are some examples:

They kill time.
They waste time.
They lose time.
They let time slip away.
They take time for granted.
They squander time.
They can't find time.

They use time.
They spend time wisely.
They value time.
They organize their time.
They treasure time.
They schedule time.
They make time.

Four Keys to Mastering Your Time and Your Life:
1. Plan your day
2. Make appointments with yourself
3. Use the little-bit-at-a-time approach
4. Know your most productive time

Success is the result of hard work
done little by little, day by day.

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July 22, 2010


Have you heard of Hulu.com?! It's a website that lets you watch tons of the latest TV episodes, some classics, and even a handful of movies... FOR FREE! All you have to do is register with an email! You can watch anything from SNL, 20/20, Supernanny, The Bachelorette, The Simpsons, Biography, HouseHunters, Hell's Kitchen, Lost... and the list goes on and on! You can even watch I Dream of Jeannie and The Dick Van Dyke Show if you're into the classics (I miss Nick at Nite!).

I usually watch one or two episodes on Hulu while practicing on my machine writing realtime. That way, I'm getting my practice in, I'm working on my dictionary, and I'm being entertained or informed (whether I'm watching a show purely for leisure or to keep up to date with what's going on in the world).

If you don't have time to sit through an average of 30-40 minutes per episode (there are commercials, too, but way less than TV!), you can just watch and practice to the clips instead, which lasts 2-5 minutes each.

Also, you can subscribe to the shows you like, and Hulu will automatically add new shows to your queue. Your favorite shows will be waiting for you just a click away the next time you log in. Beware, though, because most of the newest TV shows have an expiration date of usually 2 weeks after its original on-air date. So make sure to watch your shows before they expire!

I love this site! How could anyone NOT love free, right?! Haha! But seriously, TRY IT! Great practice for us steno-heads, and it's way easy for the student's wallet as well! ;)

P.S. But if you really, really love Hulu.com, you can upgrade to Hulu Plus at $9.99 monthly and get to watch more of your favorite shows on HDTV and/or your iPhone, iPad, etc.

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