May 17, 2011


Hello, Steno Readers!

How are you all?  I'm sorry, sorry, sorry I was gone for way too long!  I've neglected this blog like nothing! :P But I have a good excuse... really I do!  Haha!  I got married!!!  The date was March 27, 2011, a beautiful Sunday afternoon, aboard a yacht called "Athena" that circled Newport Harbor in Southern California.  My best friend asked me to marry him after dating for 3 years and having 1 solid year as "just friends" before that.
Here are some pics (first one is from our professional photographer; the rest are from our guests' cameras)!


We were blessed to spend our honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii!  It was my first time there!  His, like, 5th time!  Spoiled! :P It was great!  I think for the first 3 days, though, we just slept all day and watched DVDs in our hotel suite.  Haha!  We were so tired after cramming the major wedding planning into only 2.5 months!  But we pulled it off, thank GOD, through HIS grace as well as the loving support of our families and closest friends.  They all really stepped up for us all.  It was amazing and so humbling to be surrounded by such love!

Anyway, I still have a million and one post-wedding duties to attend to (such as thank you cards!!!), so I again will not be on this blog very much. :( But once I'm done with all that fun, I'll be back on a much more regular basis and fill you in on how my steno journey is coming.

It's still going, by the way!  No, I haven't passed the CSR or RPR... YET!!!  I am currently working on my 180 WPM speed goal at Downey Adult School.  During the intense wedding planning months, I was off my machine completely. :P Sorry, but had to!  I'm sure you understand! :)

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Lastly, I'll leave with these 3 great steno links!  Wow!  Thank you, guys, for posting such awesome resources for us steno students!!!

CSR Nation is back!!!  Come revive your profile (or create your new one) and jump into the original court reporting social network for professionals and students alike!  I've learned so much through the blog posts here by fellow steno peeps.

Nikki Links -- A steno student studying for the RPR graciously compiled these links for Cheap & Sleazy's G.D. Warner's readers!  Lots of good stuff!

DAS -- Downey Adult School -- my awesome steno school!  Unashamed plug here!

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