June 19, 2010


Just wanted to share a website that I've been frequenting lately for steno briefs. It's Briefpedia.com. Simply type in the word or phrase you need a steno brief on, and not only does this website give you a steno stroke for your query, but SEVERAL alternative strokes, PLUS possible conflicts, so you can adjust as needed. Also, you don't need to log in to the website at all, which is a great time saver! I think Briefpedia.com is an awesome, very useful website! However, if you need briefs on the go (BUT only if you have an iTouch or iPhone), Marc from Simply Steno has released Version 2.0 of his iSteno Brief Machine. The application costs $6.99, and I'm sure it's totally worth it! Click here for more details. ...and may you enjoy the thrill of finding new, necessary briefs! :D


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I love your blog, by the way. It inspired me to start one of my own. My latest entry is kind of similar to this. I like briefpedia for when every outline you find conflicts or is too hard to stroke. Can I follow you on here?

stenocourtreporting dot blog spot dot com

Steno Nerd said...

Hi, Jenni!

Thanks so much for the nice comment. I'm so glad that we court reporting students can urge each other on toward our goals! :)

I checked out your blog -- VERY AWESOME! Gonna start following you now, too!

Thanks again, Jenni! Keep in touch...

- Christine (Steno Nerd)

John St said...

I visited your suggested website "briefpedia" and it was really helpful. Thank you for the suggestion.

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