August 5, 2011


A handful of my classmates from Downey Adult School attended NCRA's Annual Convention and Exposition over the past weekend, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They said that Mark Kislingbury, steno speed champion and creator of MagnumSteno and The Steno Master Theory, was there to speak to students.  He said a very interesting thing, which I fully believe.  He said that if you're a CR student writing at 140 WPM, you can FOR SURE become a working reporter.  Why?  Because:

1) You have the necessary skills at 140 WPM to reach up to 225 WPM
2) In order to get to 225 WPM, you need to incorporate as many briefs as possible

Thus, I am compiling ALL my briefs here on my blog.  I want to learn ALL these briefs and make them second nature.  I don't want to "write it out" but get my fingers thoroughly trained to AUTOMATICALLY stroke out the brief forms instead, which will save me time and help me stay on top of the speakers.  Click HERE to see my ever-growing brief list.  It's at the top of Steno Nerd entitled "My Steno Briefs."  I will go through my list every day, focusing on 30 to 50 briefs at a time.

Again, the goal is to make these briefs AUTOMATIC instead of "writing it out."  It's sort of like driving an automatic car instead of a stick shift car.  I know both work perfectly and will get you to your destination, but I figure why do the extra "work" if you don't have to?  For others though, I know "writing it out" may be their preference.  For me though, I know I'm the exact opposite of that.

Whenever I'm practicing, I always have Briefpedia open.  I LOVE this site!  Briefpedia is a FREE website full of steno briefs and phrases that are compiled by working CR's and student CR's alike.  You not only get numerous choices for a brief, but you get possible conflicts as well, which will help you choose the best brief for YOU and YOUR fingers.

Other sources for steno briefs can be found at these links:

Flashcard Exchange
Flashcard Machine
CSR Nation's Brief Group
Downey Court Reporting Students
Forum Theory in DepoMan
NCRA's Steno Briefs
The Brief Exchange

If you have any other links to steno briefs, please let me know!  I'd love to add it/them to this list!  Thanks.

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