October 7, 2009


Hi, Everyone! I was just thinking, we court reporting students need to take a break every now and then from being on the steno machine, from learning new briefs, from trying to understand new theory concepts, from trying to take down every word that spits out of someone's mouth (writing verbatim isn't easy!). If we don't take a little breather, like in all things, we'll go crazy. Balance is key. So I just wanted to share with you guys the websites that I go to for fun... where it has nothing to do with steno anything... where I can relax, feel happy, refresh, and come back ready for more! RECHARGE, PEOPLE, RECHARGE! ;) Website #1... JCPenney has a runway show for the women's department. So fun to look at... because I, as a full-time student, can actually afford these prices! Woo hoo! Hehehe. Thus, watching all the clothing eye candy doesn't leave me more depressed (as it usually would if I can't afford the goodies!), but happy that there are great deals out there for beautiful, functional, comfortable clothes for half the bucks you get from designer tags. No luck, however, on any other department in JCPenney. They only have these runway shows for the ladies. Website #2... I love every show on HGTV, and I also love everything on its website! It's so fun to look at your favorite designers' portfolios or look up a project you can easily do yourself at home. Also, if you're like me and don't have a lot of time to watch TV (which is 99.9% of the court reporting students out there, I'm sure!), you can watch full episodes here. HGTV archives their shows for you for free! We don't have to program anything or register onto their site to view the shows at all! All we gotta do is point, click, and watch at your leisure! :) Website #3... I saved the best for last! Go to this website when you need a good laugh! The website is (drum roll please) roflrazzi.com. It's literally, ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) + paparazzi. They basically take celeb photos and place funny captions by them. It's hilarious! You can make your own pics too and share them with everyone on the site. Loads of fun! Also, if you're not so big on celebrities, you can browse their "Lolcats," "Loldogs," or "Look-Alikes" tabs they have on this site. Here are some of my favorite pics from this site... You can NEVER go wrong with a Chuck Norris joke! HAHAHA! Click here for some very cool Steno Chuck Norris jokes submitted by Kathryn A. Thomas at CSR Nation. Too funny! ;D Lastly, to have fun and take a steno break, I'm not at all suggesting only going to a fun website for this. Go out! See your friends! Have a meal with your family! Go to the beach! Go to the movies! Or simply take a much needed nap! Hehehe. Whatever it is you need to do to recharge, do it. On that note, I gotta share awesome news with you! Tonight I'm going to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party in California Adventure! So excited! On Saturday, I called into 104.3 MYfm's radio station and was Caller #20... and I WON FOUR FREE TICKETS TO MICKEY'S TRICK-OR-TREAT PARTY AT CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!!! I've been wanting to go to a theme park in forever... and now I get to... with three other lovely people (I'm taking my boyfriend and two friends -- double date!)... FOR FREE!!! What a blessing! Thank You, LORD! So psyched! ;) In the meantime, happy practicing on your steno machine! And happy recharging when you need to take a break! ;) Talk to you later, Christine (Steno Nerd)
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