April 20, 2010


I found two great sites that will help us court reporting students increase our vocabulary, and thereby dictionary-build, and test our knowledge of misspelled words. The first link is from Bill O'Reilly's website. I went to his site recently and found out that he posts his own Words of the Week. This is an awesome resource for us students to dictionary-build and learn new words in the process. Here's this week's words:
animadversion /an·uh·mud·VUR·zhun/ n. harsh criticism or disapproval
argot /AHR·go/ n. a specialized vocabulary particular to a specific group of people
circumlocution /sir·kum·low·KYOO·shun/ n. using many words to express an idea that could be expressed using a few
confabulist /cun·FAB·yoo·list/ n. a person who likes to chat
contumacious /kon·tuh·MAY·shus/ adj. obstinate; willfully disobedient
discommodious /dis·cum·MODE·eeus/ adj. Causing trouble or inconvenience; troublesome, annoying
excursus /ik·SKUR·sus/ n. a digression, a tangent
flagitious /fluh·JISH·us/ adj. shamefully wicked, criminal or scandalous; corrupt
gallimaufry /gal·uh·MAW·free/ n. a medley, a hodgepodge, a potpourri
hebetude /HEB·uh·tyood/ n. lethargy; mental dullness; lack of alertness
jejune /zhuh·ZHOON/ adj. lacking interest or significance, dull, uninteresting
legerdemain /lej·ur·duh·MAIN/ n. sleight of hand, or skillful deception
louche /LOOSH/ adj. dubious; of questionable intent or morality
maunder /MON·dur/ v. to talk incoherently; to ramble
meretricious /mer·uh·TRISH·us/ adj. falsely attractive
myrmidon /MUR·muh·don/ n. a faithful follower who follows commands without questioning them
obstreperous /ub·STREP·ur·us/ adj. noisily and stubbornly defiant, unruly; noisy, clamorous or boisterous
opprobrium /uh·PRO·bree·um/ n. disgrace, infamy, or reproach; the cause of shame or infamy
panjandrum /pan·JAN·drum/ n. a self-important, overbearing or pompous person
pellucid /puh·LOO·sid/ adj. transparent, clear; easily understandable
pestiferous /pes·TIF·ur·us/ adj. evil or damaging; bothersome, annoying, irritating
ragmatical /rag·MAT·ih·kull/ adj. ill-behaved, wild, raucous, riotous
raillery /RAY·luh·ree/ n. good-humored banter or teasing
recreant /REEK·ree·unt/ adj. cowardly, craven or spineless
rodomontade /rod·uh·mun·TODD/ n. vain, pretentious bluster; pompous self-indulgent ranting
salmagundi /sal·muh·GUN·dee/ n. a mixture, an assortment, a potpourri
tergiversation /tur·jiv·ur·SAY·shun/ n. the act of being deliberately ambiguous or evasive
turbid /TUR·bid/ adj. disturbed, disordered, confused
The other site is from Dictionary.com. Did you know they have a games portion on their website? My favorite game on Dictionary.com is Miss Spell's Class, a game where you have to choose whether the presented word is spelled correctly or not. At the end, you get a score. The first time I tried it, I was hooked for a few hours, trying to always beat my last score. There are some tricky words out there! Miss Spell's Class makes it fun and addicting to learn the correct spelling of words - with the famous "stars" next to each word you get correctly, too! Reminiscent of grade school!Definitely check out these two sites... and enjoy the words, words, words! :)

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Maryon Jeane said...

Hmm - watch out for the Miss Spell's Class game: some of the spellings are incorrect...! Maryon Jeane

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