June 23, 2010


It seems more and more court reporting students are getting blogs to document their wonderful/frustrating journey through school. I think that's just awesome! It's great to know that you're not the only court reporting student who gets a little disappointed from time to time. Getting through court reporting school is not easy! Knowing there are other court reporting students out there going through the same highs of passing a test and lows of being so close to passing a test (like half a percent!), is, again, quite awesome! We need this community of CR student bloggers! :) I was inspired to create this blog when, several years ago, I was reading Fancy Pants Loves Binita. Binita went to New York Career Institute and graduated in 2006. She has been freelancing ever since. I was also inspired by Lady Steno. It seemed she flew by school, and I loved the drills and schedules she posted in her blog. She also now has a YouTube channel, which is here. Another great inspiration to me is Cheap & Sleazy. It seems Glen knows everything there is to know about stenography! He's always so helpful in all the different CR forums out there, too. My favorite CR agency blog is Todd Olivas' of course. I love all his informative articles, especially this one: Court Reporter Pay. How's that for inspiration?! Don't forget to check out Todd Olivas' Readback.org site, too! I recently found some new CR student blogs that I'd like to share with you and which I'm following. They are... Court Reporter Bound - A Steno Student's Quest -- Jenni is at the impressive speed of 190 wpm! She is in the last stretch of CR school. Court Reporting 101 -- An office manager by day, a court reporting student by night. Michelle is currently going through her Theory and acing all her tests! Life Before 225 -- Steno Diva is going through her internship hours and has already taken the RPR exam. She has a determined spirit, and I know she's going to be certified much sooner than she thinks! Lastly, Steno Wizard is a working reporter who is working her way to becoming real-time ready. She posts a lot of great conflict-free strokes on her blog. It's going to be great to be able to go along the journey of these fellow CR students from school to the working field, even if only through the blogosphere.


stenodiva225 said...

Thanks for the shout out! I haven't checked out all the other sites you mentioned. Definitely will! And, yes...we will ALL get to 225 together!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we shall, Steno Diva! Yes, we shall! :)

FRL Texas Court Reporters said...

Documenting your progress is always rewarding. It gives you a timeline of milestones that allow you to look back on your strife and how you managed to overcome it. Never give up on the trade. You can definitely make a great career out of it.

Peggy Doyle said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog. In my opinion, I believe Freelancing is the way to go. Even though everyone has a shaky start with their Court Reporting Career. Trust me, it just gets better down the road. Freelancing can be a bit daunting if you are not aware of your resources. There are Court Reporter back office Support Agencies and Clearing Houses which will help you out with your depositions and transcriptions, billings and collections, down to even managing your appointments. So that all your focus can be concentrated on your work.
Hope you have a great career ahead in Court Reporting!

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StenoJJ said...

Looking for advice.... I am currently trying to pass my 200. I can get my fingers to move that quickly, however, my notes are very sloppy at that speed. I don’t recall having this problem with other speed stretches. Writing 180 I have pretty clean notes, but that stretch to 200 seems to throw me right off my game. I’m wondering how I can produce clean notes when my fingers are moving this fast and I don’t have time to “:think” of where I am placing them? Any advice out there?? Thank you!

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