October 13, 2011

I'M AT 200 WPM!!!

I am so happy to announce...

that I passed my last 180 test and am officially at 200 WPM!!!!!!!!!!
The last 180 test I had to overcome was Testimony 4-voice at 5 minutes with 97.5% accuracy.  I had ALMOST passed this test last term and then again 1-2 weeks ago... and missed the test by ONE POINT!  I got sooooooooooo mad at myself.  This test kept on eluding me, and I had to buckle down and focus!  I told myself that when I pass this 4-voice test, as my husband encouraged me, it would not be by "luck" but by sheer skill and determination.  I wanted to make sure there would be NO CHANCE of a failed test again.  Thankfully, I missed only 6 errors out of a possible of 23!  PASS!!! :D

It's amazing.  I can finally say I'm at 200 WPM... a place I've wanted to be in for sooooooooooo long!  I have a very good friend of mine at court reporting school.  We had started Theory together at Bryan College and had both found our way to Downey Adult School.  I asked her if she knew the year when we started court reporting school since I had lost track of time.  Gulp, it was 7 years ago that we started our court reporting journey!!!  But NOT to be dismayed.  We both went to school part-time, which everyone knows that going part-time to court reporting school plus working full-time is SUPER HARD to do!  Not impossible, just SUPER HARD!  (That's why, if you have a chance to go full-time to school, TAKE IT!!!)

Admittedly, I did not put school at the forefront of my priorities back then as I do now.  7 years ago I had placed my job, my church, my family, my friends, my social life as NUMBER 1 -- all these were behind my court reporting education.  Stupid girl! :P  Now I know MUCH BETTER!

Now this same friend/classmate and I are at school on a full-time basis for the first time, and we are flying by!!!  And I'm so happy for both our successes... as well as EVERYONE ELSE'S SUCCESS!!!

I don't regret the "wasted years."  I learned a lot.  And I will not feel sorry for myself or think that I am less than the court reporting student who is at 200 WPM and did it in 1 year.  We all come with different sets of circumstances and levels of determination.  I am GLAD for the 7 years behind me... because now it makes me WANT WANT WANT to be a court reporter THAT MUCH MORE!!!  It makes my soon-to-be-accomplished-goal of becoming a licensed court reporter SO, SO, SO MUCH SWEETER!!!  So I don't take it for granted.  I am better because of it!

So going back to the tests...

Thankfully, I've already passed my 190 Congressional test and 180 Jury Charge test.  That means I only need 2 more tests to pass to get into Qualifiers:  200 4-voice test at 5 minutes and 10 minutes.  I will take the RPR before or while in Qualifiers to see if I can get the RPR license, as well as the CSR license, under my belt.

Exciting times!  It's all FINALLY coming together... and I truly believe that GOD's TIMING IS PERFECT!

Haha, thanks for reading my joyful post! :)


Gloria said...

Congratulations Christine!! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to me to strive harder and believe in God's perfect timing!!


Butterlfy said...

Congratulations my dear Christine!! :)) I love your blog. :D Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts and positive energy. We both know that's SO important in this program. Staying positive and believing in yourself will get us there sooner than we expect. :)))

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Thanks so much, Gloria and Butterfly!!! :D

Gloria -- Yes, continue to believe in GOD's perfect timing as you continue to work hard to accomplish your goals! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Butterfly -- Thanks for being a constant positive support to me and many other court reporting students. YOU are an inspiration!!!

Court Reporter Bound said...

Congratulations! There was a girl at our school that took about that long, and it turns out she was a better reporter for it.

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Hi, Court Reporter Bound!

Thanks for the congrats! :) I've heard that too... that those who take the longer route finishing court reporting school have the character traits (a big one is perseverance) to excel at their chosen profession. I know I'm going to make that a reality for me once I cross over to the professional side of the world... which is coming soon!!! :)

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