December 10, 2011


For all of my fellow court reporting students who are getting ready to take the CSR and/or RPR test soon and need a refresher on the WKT (written knowledge test) portion of the exam, have I great news to share with you!  Cerritos College’s Court Reporting Program has an online prep course for the CSR/RPR's WKT!  The class is called CRCC 185 | CSR/RPR Exam Preparation (was formerly BUSC 185).

The online class runs from January 9th through March 9th (9 weeks), is 1.5 units that are transferable, and cost only $80.00 (for California residents).  What a deal!

No books are required for the class, however, it is highly recommended that you purchase the 2011 Freelance and Official Compendiums, which are compilations of all the rules and regulations that govern both the freelance and official worlds of court reporting respectively.  You can purchase them at for $35.00 each for CCRA Members or $45.00 each for non-members.

Lastly, you can take this course up to 3 times if you think you need a go-around for any reason.

Each week you will focus on a topic that will be in the WKT, then take a quiz on that same topic.  Here are the topics for this 9-week class:

Week 1 =  Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization
Week 2 =  Grammar
Week 3 =  Vocabulary
Week 4 =  Homonyms
Week 5 =  Midterm
Week 6 =  Medical
Week 7 =  Legal/Court and Depo
Week 8 =  Codes
Week 9 =  Final Exam

If you are interested in enrolling, go to and first register to the college as a student.  The instructor, Mary Balmages, via email informed me that it would be helpful to sign up as a student with previous college (or  sophomore) to bypass all the assessment tests (not necessary for this class).

Once you’re registered, read your confirmation email carefully, which will contain your new Student ID number as well as the appointment date for when you can go back online to officially enroll for the class.  Once your date comes up, go back to, click on the "My Cerritos" logo, log in, and enroll for Class #22580.

For more info on this class, contact the instructor Mary Balmages at  

Happy Studying! :)


Arizona court reporters said...

Really!? I like that idea! My Arizona court reporter friends liked your blog so much. Thanks a lot!

Genital estetik said...
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legal video deposition said...

That's advantageous, whenever and whenever you go, you can always study as long as you have a laptop, desktop and internet connection.

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Arizona Court Reporters: Aww! I'm so glad your Arizona CR friends like my blog. :) It's a joy to keep this blog running... even though I'm not on here as much as I used to be. Will work on that! ;)

Legal Video Deposition: I agree... it's awesome how many more opportunities are given because of the Internet.

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