March 7, 2013


 Get well soon
I decided to stay home today since I've been fighting a bad head cold since last Friday without any real rest... plus it was raining this morning.  We Angelenos are terrified of rain! :) Walking about from class to class in the cold at school doesn't sound like fun either when you're already struggling to get out of bed because of nagging, constant headaches, cough, and nasal congestion.  No thanks!  I'll take at lease one sick day!

But of course, since Spring Break is looming in the distance and I really, really, REALLY want to pass Qualifiers before then (please, GOD, help me???), I'm on my steno machine at home... and I'm working on briefs, which I haven't worked on in a while since I've been focusing lately on speed and reading through my sloppy notes in order to produce a transcript (trying to pass that Q!!!).

Anyway, here are the briefs that I've gleaned in the past hour.  I know a lot of them already but only through text... not muscle memory yet, which is where I need them to be. If I find out later that I simply cannot get my fingers to write out a brief, I'll scrap it and find another way... or simply write the word out.

In no particular order...

handgun: H-G
handguns: H-GZ
horizontal gaze nystagmus: HORG
police car: PLAR
particular: PLAER
particularly: PLAERL
police vehicle: PLAOEK
patrol car: PRAR
patrol vehicle: PRAOEK
police unit: PLAOUNT
patrol unit: PRAOUNT
pertinent: PERT
microphone: M-F
miles an hour: MAF
miles per hour: M-RP
traffic conditions: TR-NS
based on your: BOUR
training and experience: TRAEG
discover: DOFR
discovery: DOIFR
bilingual: BLEL
blood alcohol: BLAL
blood alcohol level: BLAOEL
certify: KREFR
certified: KREFRD
certifies: KREFRZ
certifying: KREFRG
certification: KREFRGS
something like that: SLA
something of that nature: SAOFP
rephrase: RAIRZ
rephrased: RAIRDZ
rephrases: RAIRZ/Z
rephrasing: RAIRGZ
the witness has identified the defendant: TWOIFD
raise your right hand: RAIZ/RAIZ
raise your right hand to be sworn: RURDZ
pertain: PRAIN
pertained: PRAIND
pertains: PRAINZ
pertaining: PRAING
pertaining to: PRAINT
pregnant: PRANT
pregnancy: PRAENS
prance: PRANS
if your Honor please: FORP
for the purpose of: FURP
for the purposes of: FURPZ


RookieWriter901 said...

Thanks for the briefs. Im only in Theory, but Im trying to soak up all the information that I can :)

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

My pleasure, RookieWriter901! :) Congrats on starting this crazy, wild, fun, memorable, fulfilling adventure that is court reporting! I encourage you to learn as many briefs as you can, especially for the high frequency words/phrases. They're such time-savers!

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