June 13, 2013


Hi, all! :)

I just posted a Yelp review of my school, Downey Adult School of Court Reporting.  Somehow, though, Yelp isn't showing my review... plus I want to endorse DAS here too so... here it is! :) I know my praises for DAS may sound "exaggerated," but I assure you... I really am THAT excited about DAS!  It's the best court reporting school in So Cal in my humble opinion! ;)


I've gone to 2 other court reporting schools, including 1 online program before coming to Downey Adult School's Court Reporting Program.  What a huge difference!

- There are way more speed classes at DAS, including a Qualifier given EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  At the other schools, they didn't have that... plus the other schools were MORE EXPENSIVE!!!  How does that figure???

- DAS has a great, updated, and well-stocked practice lab full of free resources, as well as student website full of free briefs galore and other helpful handouts.

- DAS has an amazing CART class (taught by Maggie O.) that provides hands-on training and really opens the way for students to enter a fast-growing niche in the CR field.  I found this class to be extremely helpful as I was in the dark (like most of us are!) before taking this class.  Maggie also scheduled many guest speakers to talk to us about their CART experiences, which was awesome!

- DAS has some of the friendliest staff around!  Cindy G., the program director, is always on top of everything yet is so chill. :) Suzi C. reads high-speed dictation like a boss! :) They drill, throw in briefs and tips, and warm us up well before giving out dictation tests, which I feel is super important!

- Not only are the CR teachers nice, but even the janitor (Greg) is super friendly!  The CR students are also generally very helpful and supportive of one another, which is a positive, especially getting through a difficult, intense program such as court reporting!

I'm SO GLAD to have found DAS!  I just wish I had found it sooner!  I always encourage other CR students or potential CR students to ALWAYS check out DAS first!  They even give a free week of sit-ins, so you can really get the "feel" for the program before you commit.  How cool is that???

I'm so proud to be graduating this July from DAS' CR Program and taking the CSR exam.  I couldn't endorse them any higher! :)

P.S. Don't worry that DAS is not an NCRA-approved school.  My 2 previous schools were BOTH approved by the NCRA, and I feel that they were actually LACKING as a CR program!  When you get hired as a court reporter, especially here in California, the agency or court that hires you isn't going to ask if you went to an NCRA-approved school! :P They just want to make sure you have the necessary SKILLS with the appropriate accreditation to do the job... which is your CSR, RPR, CBC, CCP license and whatnot.  There's a REASON why several, several students transfer from other schools to go to DAS.

So yeah... like I said, I really wish I had found DAS sooner to avoid student debt. :P Oh well.  I guess that's why I REALLY appreciate DAS for all it is and probably love it more than those who started theory at DAS.  I know how "rough" it is out there with NCRA-approved schools and their RIDICULOUSLY high tuition fees.  Haha!

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