March 14, 2010


This blog post is a long time coming. This is for Jill who commented on my blog post "MY LAPTOP/STENO MACHINE ROLLER." Here's what she said: "Would you be willing to post pics of exactly HOW you load your steno "luggage"? I am in the same boat. Interning is a pain with even just a Jet Bag and laptop rolling briefcase. I want it all in one bag!" Well, I've finally got around to taking pics for you, Jill! Sorry for the delay. Here is exactly how I pack my laptop, steno machine, and all my cords and other gadgets in my handy-dandy luggage roller my boyfriend bought for me on SALE at Macy's. Hope this helps! :) Oh! And ALWAYS get warranty! I've used mine once so far! The handle broke! :P Guess I was packing way too much stuff in there (added lots of notebooks and other supplies). So last word: Pack with care. When you pack too much things besides the necessities, the roller tips over! And that's embarrassing! :P

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