March 13, 2010


I've started a new habit of carrying a bunch of steno notes in my purse. When I find a spare minute during my day, I'll pull out my notes, which are bound in a clip, and start reading silently to myself (sometimes mouthing them, though; people must think I'm crazy!). This quick reading practice works best when I'm waiting in line for something such as at a bank, at a store, at a restaurant, etc. If I'm able, I'll also circle my errors (something that I've learned from Simply Steno, a great online steno program to help get you prepared to take the RPR Exam), and in that way, try to analyze my notes and consequently fix my trouble spots. This is the first time I've ever packed steno notes in my purse for the occasional 5-10 minutes of read-back... and I like it! It's kind of addicting! After I'm done, I get this wonderful sense of feeling productive, of being "on top of things" regarding my speed-building progress, and it keeps my mind in steno mode. Lastly, I don't get all anxious or cranky when I have to wait in line for something. I actually look forward to the lulls in my days... because that's when I can sneak in some steno read-back. Wouldn't my teachers be so proud! Haha! :)

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