August 29, 2010


 Hi, All!

How are you? :) Just wanted to say that I'm still here... just on vacation mode!  Hehe!  I've been busy enjoying my Summer Vacation and catching up with friends whom I haven't seen in months.  It's been very good! 

I go back to school on September 9, Thursday.  I'll be taking one academic course, Case CATalyst Advance.  I'm excited for this class because I definitely need to learn how to maneuver my way across that program!
Before I go, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all who have emailed me directly (  Your emails and comments mean so much!  I'm grateful that you were able to find comfort, camaraderie, and inspiration through this blog.  I'm also very grateful that you give me glimpses of your own steno journey and are seeking advice from a fellow CR student.  That's exactly why I created this blog in the first place -- to build a bridge to my fellow steno heads out there, so that we can help each other on this journey! 

So THANK YOU again, for not only reading this blog and contacting me, but more importantly, for pursuing this great career of stenography!  99.9% of all the working reporters I meet say they LOVE this profession, and that we CR students are on the right path to an AWESOME CAREER! :D KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!!

And have a HAPPY SUMMER!!! 

See you soon...
Christine (Steno Nerd)


nancy huestis payne said...

thanks for your encouragement!

Jenni said...

Glad to hear you're back after a much-needed vacation! Good luck with the CC Advanced class. I wish my school had something like that, but we just get the basics first semester of second year and then have to figure out the rest for ourselves.

I just had my first mock depo yesterday and it was tough, so thanks for the reminder that I'm on the right path. Will be blogging about my experience once I get this TRIPT done!

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...


Thanks for the comment! I'm glad this blog is able to uplift and encourage my fellow steno-heads out there! :)


I love your blog! :) Congrats on your first mock depo! Yes, we are on the right path... and you're so close to the finishing line! Keep going strong! ;D

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