September 5, 2010


Happy Labor Day Weekend, All! :)

Just wanted to remind you that there are great Labor Day sales out there!  So maybe now would be the perfect time to buy a rolling luggage, if you don't have one already, for all your steno/laptop equipment!

I just got a new comment on my blog post, MY LAPTOP/STENO MACHINE ROLLER.  Anonymous gave great tips to Jill on how to pack all your equipment inside one luggage roller.  Here's what Jill and Anonymous said in their comments under this blog post:

JILL said...

would you be willing to post pics of exactly HOW you load your steno "luggage"? I am in the same boat. Interning is a pain with even just a Jet Bag and laptop rolling briefcase. I want it all in one bag!
Anonymous said...
You are already playing it SMART! You can get some really great deals on luggage that works just fine for a working (or student) court reporter. I have used off-the-shelf luggage for a long time, and if you watch the sales, you'll get wonderful savings. As far as packing the steno machine and all your component parts you'll need; power charger, power strip, tripod(s, tray table, your wireless realtime kit; manuals, laptop, and on and on. As far as Jill's question about packing the steno machine, I just make sure I have the foam from my other cases and move it from one to the next. Egg foam is cheap and you can get it easily enough. Just make sure the top of your writer is protected so nothing will smash the keys on the machine.

Thank you to Anonymous for your luggage roller tips, especially about the egg foam to cushion all our equipments inside.  Thank you to Jill for asking a great question!

And Happy Shopping, All! :D Last weekend before school starts up again!


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