November 19, 2011


I am so happy to announce...

that I passed my 200 WPM 4-voice real-time 5-minutes test!  THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!


So that means I need only ONE MORE TEST to get into Qualifiers... which is the 200 WPM 4-voice test at TEN minutes!  This test, plus the Qualifiers test (which is the exact same test except with a live panel instead of one teacher with the lightboard), is different from all the other tests from the past.  All the other tests leading up to this moment have been a length of FIVE minutes.  Now I need to DOUBLE my stamina and concentration in order to pass this next test and then the Qualifiers.  Easier said than done, but...


Here's my "Things To Do" before the end of this term, December 16th, at Downey Adult School:

1) Submit my intern hours, both official and freelance
2) Complete my Online Vocabulary Class
3) Pass my 200 4V at 10 minutes test

I met with the Court Reporting Director at my school last week to make sure I'm on track to get into Qualifiers without a hitch.  UNFORTUNATELY, I found out that EVEN if I do pass my 200 4V at 10 minutes test BEFORE the end of this term, I will NOT be able to advance to Qualifiers YET since my Online Vocabulary Class won't be finished until late December. :(

I just checked out the website of the Court Reporters Board of California found here.  The next CSR Exam will be held on February 3, 2012, and the last date of filing is January 4, 2012.  Then it hit me... I realize that I most likely will NOT have the chance to qualify for the February 2012 CSR Exam and will have to wait for the next exam sometime in July 2012.  It sadly makes sense that this is likely the reality I am faced with now... because I for sure will NOT be able to get into Qualifiers this year because of my pending last academic class, Vocab, PLUS our next term starts up in January 3, 2012 with the LAST date of filing for the February 2012 CSR Exam as the very NEXT day following the FIRST day back to school, January 4, 2012. :(

Oh well...

But you know what?!?!  I REFUSE to let this "setback" get me down!!!  I tell my husband that I am SO BLESSED that sometimes I look for any minutiae type of "setback" to complain about! :P What am I going to do instead?!?!  I'm going to practice and work hard and smart to make sure that FOR SURE I WILL qualify well in advance for the July 2012 CSR Exam... AND I'm going to look into taking the RPR Exam as well in 2012!

For my fellow court reporting students, here are some helpful links for you too as you figure out YOUR schedule to the CSR and/or RPR Exams:

Court Reporters Board of California CSR Exam Dates & Locations --

NCRA 2012 Exam Schedule for the RPR, RMR, RDR, CBC, CCP and CLVS --

"Ways to Get to the CSR Exam" posted by Cerritos College Court Reporting Program
(I don't know exact date of publication of this and if this info is still current) --


Court Reporter Bound said...

Congrats on the pass! You will surely be prepared for the summer CSR, and hopefully you'll get the RPR before that.

Kristie said...

Congrats. I wish you the best. How long have you been practicing to reach this goal? Thanks for the info

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Thanks for the congrats, ladies! :) Really appreciate all the support!

I've been doing the CR program for about 7 years, but it was always PT. It was only this year that I FINALLY got to go to school FT (thanks to my hubby), so I'm now blazing through the speeds and am almost done, thank GOD! :) FOR SURE I will have my licenses (RPR and CSR!) by 2012!

May we ALL get to our goals...

Gloria said...

Congratulations and I wish you the best. Keep up the good work. Your blog is very encouraging!

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