September 30, 2009


I've been meaning to do a plug about Depoman... and here it finally is! If you haven't joined this steno forum yet, you just gotta! Depoman has been around long before my other very, very favorite steno website, CSR Nation. Depoman is essentially a forum for the court reporting profession, whereas I consider CSR Nation more of a social network like Facebook or MySpace. Depoman is straight-up forums... clean, easy, and full of great information on all things steno! Here's a sampling of what's in Depoman's index page:
  • Student Boot Camp
  • Forum Theory
  • Officially Officials
  • CART & Captioning
So join... ASAP! Thankfully, it's free, and you'll instantly have the benefit of mining tons and tons of golden nuggets of all steno information and all steno inspiration! Now, that's a deal you can't afford to pass by! ;) Lastly, here's a warm, friendly note I got from "klt" (used with her permission) a few months ago when I first started to post at Depoman (my user name at Depoman is also "Steno Nerd." Find me!). This is a GREAT example of how super friendly the court reporting community is. I really appreciate all the working reporters out there who lend their listening ears, who dole out their tried and true tips, and who are always ready to encourage us court reporting students. THANK YOU! We court reporting students are VERY GRATEFUL for our mentors... whether they even know they're mentoring us or not! Hehehe. ;)
Stenonerd, Just went to your blog -- with that kind of energy, you will be finished in less than two years, no doubt -- do you ever sleep? That is some kind of positive reinforcement you have placed around you, and I commend you for it. Just keep after it -- where do you find all that great stuff? And your personal goal statements are great!! Keep us all informed. Look regularly on the student thread here and the forum theory. Always great advice and great briefs!! klt
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