September 20, 2009


In this post I'm going to talk about three unrelated(?) things:
On PROCRASTINATION... Last Sunday, my boyfriend, good friend, and I were studying at our local Borders Bookstore. Love this place! (BTW, they're offering free Wi-Fi now at all their locations! You don't have to sign up or anything! WOO HOO! More incentive to come to Borders for their wide array of book selections and Seattle's Best iced coffee!) Taking a break from my steno machine, I browsed the store and came across this inspiring book called "Dream It. List It. Do It! How to Live a Bigger & Bolder Life from the Life List Experts at" I wanted the book so much! It has such great ideas on how to improve your life, or as the title says, to live a "bigger and bolder life." If you didn't know about, it's basically a website where you can register for free and create your top 43 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. I found this website years and years ago when my roommate shared the link with me. Click here to go to their website to start listing your 43 things you gotta do! :) Click here to preview this book using Google. You get a lot of inspiration from other members on this site, and it's such great "pep" or encouragement all around. I browsed through the Google preview book version of this yesterday and came across this small section about procrastination... because for me, it's very hard to get started. I think it's because I think of the big picture over all, I overplan, and then I just don't get started since I've paralyzed myself into thinking the project is too big to finish, why even start, right? Pretty bad thinking. Leads to a lot of nothing. :P So this copy and paste snippet from this wonderful book (p. 413) is for me and all my fellow procrastinators our there! May we learn!


Procrastination keeps you from getting the job done and makes you feel anxious and guilty. So why are we all so good at it? Unlearn your procrastination skills with these tips:

- Focus on the starting line instead of the finish line. Define the first step. Projects are often composed of a series of smaller tasks, so identify the first and next steps and get satisfaction from checking them off.

- Allow for do-overs and view larger projects as a series of beginnings. If you get distracted while working on a task, don't scold yourself. Just start again.

- Meticulous overplanning can become a form of procrastination -- it feels like you're working but really you haven't begun.

- Schedule in leisure time. Promise yourself that you will take a break after 15 minutes. Or plan a day at the beach on Sunday after a full day's work on Saturday.

On RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS... On Friday morning, I came to my car early in the morning ready to go to work... and my wallet was set on top of my car's hood! I was, like, "What is this doing here???" I had no idea I had lost or dropped my wallet! I thought my wallet was safely inside my purse the whole time. But I guess the night before, in my haste, I dropped my wallet right next to my car... and a kind somebody saw it, didn't take anything (I didn't have any money anyway, so that helps, right? Hehehe), and placed my wallet on top of my car's hood where I'd be sure to find it! WOW! Random acts of kindness still do exists! That's comforting! GOD bless whoever did this kind deed for me. Maybe I'll never know... but I hope I'll find out to say THANK YOU. But more than words, I am more prompted than ever to do random acts of kindness for others since I was so showered recently with this blessing. But even if I weren't shown this kind act, I should still want to do kind deeds for others because it IS the right thing to do. On ONE THOUSAND... Steno Nerd has reached over 1, 000 subscribers!!! THANK YOU for subscribing and sharing this blog with your friends! I'm humbled by the great response this site has received, and I really count it a blessing to be able to connect with so many people, using the medium of the Internet, talking about one of our favorite subjects -- STENO NERD STUFF!!! Hehehe. Seriously, thank you for reading. You make my day everyday! :D
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