August 9, 2011


Today reminds me of another reason why I love the CR field... more particularly, the freelance aspect of it (should you choose this option as opposed to official CR'ing or employment with an agency/firm/company).  My poor husband has been sick since Sunday, and I have been staying home to wait on him.  I'm glad that I can do this now as a student (thankfully I'm caught up on my TC's {typing credits}).  And I'm very glad that I will continue to be able to do this later on as a professional freelance CR.  I love the fact that as an independent contractor, I get to decide my working schedule and choose how often I want to work.  This is TRULY a blessing!  Thank GOD for this!

In the meantime, may you get better soon, Hubby!  And yes, I'm still practicing at home.  I've been using these speed-building DVD's --  Great dictation! ;)


Aly said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon. Thanks for the link for the practice DVDs. They look awesome!

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Thank you, Aly. He's much better today than at the beginning of the week.

Yes, those practice DVD's ARE awesome!

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