August 4, 2011


I am so happy to report that I have passed my last Jury Charge for CR school!  It was a 200 WPM Jury Charge!  WOO HOO!

With that being said, I need the following tests to pass in order to graduate from CR school and move forward in taking the RPR and/or CSR exam.  May GOD continue to help me as I continue to work my booty off! :D

Here is my current road map to my final destination as a working licensed court reporter!

  • 180 4V at 5 mins
  • 200 4V at 5 mins real-time
  • 200 4V at 10 mins
  • QUALIFIERS - 200 Live 4V at 10 mins
All these tests are at 97.5% accuracy.


I become eligible to take California's CSR exam once I pass our school's Qualifiers, which is the same exact test that the CSR will give -- 200 Live 4V at 10 mins.  

OR I can bypass Qualifiers by first taking and passing the RPR exam (no requirements necessary except your steno speed and registration), and then taking California's CSR exam.

Another option is I can work now as a CART provider and/or broadcast captioner, both of which do NOT require any court reporting licenses.  However, it WOULD be good to have the CCP (Certified CART Provider) and/or CBC (Certified Broadcast Captioner) license, which are given by NCRA.

I want to get as many licenses under my belt as possible.  Right now, aside from my remaining tests at DAS, my focus is on the CSR and the RPR licenses.


The RPR consists of:
  • Lit at 180
  • JC at 200
  • 2V at 225
All these tests are at 95% accuracy.  You are given 75 mins to transcribe each take.

The RPR also includes a WKT of 105 multiple-choice questions with 90 minutes for completion and a passing rate of 70 or better.  It consists of:
  • Reporting (48%)
  • Transcript Production (44%)
  • Operating Practices (4%)
  • Professional Issues and Continuing Education (4%)
More info on the RPR can be found HERE.


The CSR consists of:
  • 200 Live 4V at 10 mins.  
This test is at 97.5% accuracy.

The CSR also includes a WKT consisting of:
  • English
  • Professional Practice (Medical, Legal, Codes, etc.)
More info on the CSR can be found HERE.


2V - 2-voice
4V - 4-voice
CBC - Certified Broadcast Captioner
CCP - Certified CART Provider
CR - Court Reporting
CSR - Certified Shorthand Reporter
DAS - Downey Adult School
JC - Jury Charge
Lit - Literary
NCRA - National Court Reporters Association
RPR - Registered Professional Reporter
WKT - Written Knowledge Test


Today I transcribed a 180 4V and missed it be NINE POINTS!  It wasn't at 97.5% accuracy, but SURELY it was in the 90% range?!?!  Close... SOOOOOOOO CLOSE!

With my JC test out of the way, my remaining tests are all Testimony at 4V.  So I will focus my practice to writing fast takes and memorizing helpful briefs and phrases.  Be on the lookout for lots and lots of briefs on Steno Nerd!  I've got a lot to learn... and re-learn! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the same as you are!!! We're in the same boat! I'll be bypassing the Qualifier with the RPR and either captioning or CSR. Great to hear I'm not alone! Please keep posting your progress :)

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Thanks so much for your comment!

Yes, you are DEFINITELY not alone! I know of several CR students who will take the RPR first before the CSR. I will do whichever comes first. :)

And I cannot wait to freelance and make the $$! Haha! :)

Yes, I will continue to post my progress! Don't be a stranger... and ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!!

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