August 22, 2011


Hi, All!

This blog post is a bit different from the usual.  This time I really would like to ask YOU a question... and would LOVE to get your feedback!

Right now the only tests I need to work on are all 4-Voice Q&A.  The problem is, however, that Q&A seems to be my most difficult subject matter to pass! :P I do better with straight matter (like Jury Charge or Literary/Congressional) since there's no sign changes all over the place.

My question for you is: What tips do you have on getting better at Q&A?

I know that Brandi posted the same question on (found HERE), but I am still HUNGRY for answers!

Please let me know your thoughts!!!  THANK YOU!


Mark Kislingbury said...

Try my Magnum Steno Club! Write me at mark (at) for a week free trial. You will learn the Two Pillars which will help you gain speed and accuracy not only at Q&A, but all of your writing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steno Nerd,

Love the blog btw! When it comes to multi-voice dictations, it's all about practicing those finger combos. First, take the dictation at your target speed, but only the first minute. Then, read over your notes, and practice every single combination that caused the hesitations/drops. Practice it over and over until it feels natural, and you're not thinking about it. Eventually, proceed to two minutes, then three, and so forth.

And if anything, NEVER drop the speakers, just the words.

Best of luck,
Qualified CSR student

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Thanks so much for your comments, guys!

Mark, I've definitely tried your Magnum Steno Club and absolutely loved it! I recommend your Club highly! I have your StenoMaster Theory Book as well as your Magnum Steno: Write Short, Write Fast books. Lots of great theory principles and briefs in here! I'll use these books for a lifetime!

Qualified CSR Student, thanks for the great practice tip. I've never heard of this before, and I will definitely try it. All the best to you at the next CSR exam! Thanks for the kind remarks about my blog too.

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