August 2, 2009


I found this PDF of the 1,000 Most Frequently Used Words. It's a great, useful, neatly compiled list of the words we use most often in the English language. I'm going to go through this PDF document before I begin my practice sessions to 1. make sure my hands know where to go when I hear/see these words. 2. make sure I have a ready brief for each and every one of these 1,000 words. After memorizing the brief forms of these 1,000 words, I want to learn the 1,000 most frequently used phrases. If anyone has that, would you please share? Thanks so much in advance! I hope everyone's summer is going well so far! I'm glad it's cooling a bit in my part of Los Angeles... but not nearly as much as I'd like. I like the sun, but not too, too much. Hehehe. BTW, I'm not sitting out with my first court reporter tomorrow. We bumped it up to Wednesday instead because of a calendar conflict. Instead I'm going to be studying the whole day tomorrow with my guy. He'll be at work, and I'll be studying away. YAY!


Sonja aka Betty Tyranny said...

Excellent! Thanks for posting this!

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

My pleasure, Sonja aka Betty Tyranny! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Steno-ing! :)

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