July 29, 2011


My hubby shared this YouTube video with me.  He saw it on his friend's Facebook wall.  This friend of his is getting married soon, which is appropriate (I guess, haha!).  This video is hilarious and super cute!

Click HERE for the video.

So how the heck is this related to court reporting school???  Well, here's what I see...

This little girl showed such DOGGED DETERMINATION, even in the face of the constant screaming and tearful opposition of the little boy.  She continued to unwaveringly hold her ground.  She was ADAMANT about what she wanted and would not take "no" for an answer.  She even told him, "I'm not afraid of you.  I'm still marrying you."  How cute, right?!  And how true it is for us to also NOT be afraid... to type up that test, to go 20% above our speed level, to try for another certification, etc.

This little girl can teach us court reporting students a lot about TRUE DETERMINATION. :)


On another note, I'm drooling over this home office.  One day, one day... ;)


Aleece said...

We should take a little trip to Ikea. Totally affordable, so cute, and no guilt involved when you want to change or upgrade.

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Haha! Thanks, Aleece! Ikea, Home Goods, Pier 1... all of those places are stores I'd love to hit once I can start earning the big bucks with the steno'ing skills! ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and really appreciate your point of view. I currently attend a private college for CR program, but I am having second thoughts. The financial benifit is my motiviting factor in considering other options- to switch to another school. I'm trying to do as much research as possible to get adequate information about DAS program before I visit. Can I ask, how long you've been in school as DAS? :) M

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

Hello, M!

Sorry for my delayed response. Glad you stumbled upon my blog. :)

Thanks for your question. I LOVE DAS!!! I believe I've been attending for 2 years now, but off and on throughout those 2 years and always part-time. Last semester was my first time to go full-time. Since coming full-time I've been progressing much faster than ever before, so that's good. I'm at the 180/200 WPM level right now and want to finish next year.

I totally recommend DAS! It is very affordable compared to the other court reporting programs out there, and DAS gives you so much! Their labs are open M-F, they give a test each period (there are 5 periods), and the teachers and resources here are great! Please seriously consider it... and if you do decide to enroll, please let them know I referred you (I could get $25 off my next tuition for each referral).

Thanks so much and all the best to you! :)

Christine (Steno Nerd)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine a.k.a. Steno Nerd,

Thank you so much for your response! I will seriously consider it. I actually went in and sat in 140/160 class for an hour- I was blown away.. It was not much like the program at our school. It was tougher. Anyhow, I plan to visit during the last week of my school to see if indeed will be a good fit for me. I'm not sure what would be the best choice for me yet.. Again, thank you for your response and maybe I can see you in school?? :) M

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