July 15, 2011


This blog post is for all my fellow court reporting students who feel discouraged about the CR program.  We've all been through the ups and downs of CR training (hopefully more ups than downs).  Usually we become gloomy because we're stuck at a speed for longer than usual...or our student loans start to pile up unbearably...or we have too many academic classes plus speed-building classes to juggle around ON TOP of our already full lives.  

Well, I am here to encourage you to NOT be discouraged!!!  If you REALLY want to become a working court reporter, you simply CANNOT give into your feelings of discouragement.  Do NOT allow yourself to be a participant to pity parties nor "woe is me" venting sessions.  Refuse to show up to the blahs...and rewire yourself to BELIEVE again.

Because if you TRULY want to achieve your dreams badly enough...you simply MUST believe you will get it...and work hard and smart to make your dreams your realities!  Believing and working hard and smart is the ladder that takes you from your dreams (Point A) to your achieved realities (Point B).  

You CAN do it!!!  BELIEVE you can!!!

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Rm said...

Thank you for posting this!

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