July 8, 2011


I recently chatted with a good friend of mine and  was asked how the married life was going.  Why, thanks for asking!  We just marked our 100th day of being married earlier this week.  Yay for that! :)

I told my good friend that it was quite an adjustment during the first and second months of matrimony.  We were still on a high from all the excitement of the wedding planning (we planned our wedding in 2.5 short months!), and we were trying to find our rhythm as the new Mr. and Mrs.  Being in our third month of marriage now, we've finally carved out our own routine... and I like it.  It works. :)

With that said, I told my good friend that in an alternate world, if I were still single, this is what I would do...

I would ask 1 or 2 classmates to be my roomies.  We would then rent an apartment across the street from our school, and I would live, eat, and breathe court reporting until I became a CSR, RPR, and all the other lofty licenses out there!

My school is in Downey, and my old home was in the San Gabriel Valley area.  If I were to still live at home, I would have had to commute at least 45 minutes ONE WAY each day... and I HATE commuting!  Thus, A) my dislike for driving and B) my desire to get out of court reporting school as my #1 priority = I would definitely go to school full-time, get classmates as my roomies, and then do freelance transcription work from home at night and weekends (if necessary) to support myself (I've done freelance transcription work in the past).  That's how I would have done it... should my man not have proposed. :)

It's a fact that court reporting students sacrifice SO MUCH to follow their dreams of becoming CSR's... and I admire them so much, ESPECIALLY the ones who have families of their own and/or commute super far just to go to a brick-and-mortar school and/or work full-time.  Maybe there's a super-human out there who has all three going on at the same time!  If so, my hat is off to you!  How the heck do you do that?!?!

For those of us who are not that super-human and yet have our own sacrifices to go through while going to CR school, what are YOUR sacrifices specifically?  How do you cope with the everyday world of court reporting school PLUS everything else on your plate?  Would love to know!

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