July 2, 2011


We have a great court reporting director at my school, Downey Adult School!  Every Sunday she emails her students a concise email with info on the coming week and an encouraging story and/or court reporting tips at the end of the email.  The following is one of my favorites from her weekly emails!  She has even printed this and placed it in the computer lab for us students to read and remind ourselves that staying positive and productive is SO MUCH BETTER than staying negative and defeated.

Here you go... and thank you, Cindy, for sharing this! :)


Yesterday I was asked how I stay ‘up’ all the time; what my ‘secret’ to staying focused, motivated, positive and productive is. As I began to launch into some mind-numbing monologue of an answer, I stopped myself mid sentence. I told her (hello Grace) that I would answer her question in a brief (no really, I can do it) post today. So here it is; the pr’ecis version of how I personally stay ‘up’ most of the time.

1. I hang out with like-minded people who energize me and I avoid the energy vampires.

2. I learn from, and get inspired by, successful people.

3. I ask myself the right kind of questions – the “what can I learn from this experience” questions, rather than the “why does this happen to me” questions.

4. I regularly get excited about possibilities – sometimes too excited!

5. I don’t focus on negatives – I invest my emotional energy where it will give me the best return.

6. I change the stuff I can and I let go of the stuff I have no control over.

7. I am constantly setting goals. Big and small.

8. I dedicate time every day to ‘switching off’ and having fun for fun’s sake. Strategic silliness.

9. I express myself creatively. It makes me happy.

10. I let myself dream. Sometimes my mind keeps me awake all night!

11. I invest time into others. People who are completely self-focused tend to have more downs than ups.

12. Whatever most people my age do, I try and avoid.

13. I regularly take stock of my life and consciously appreciate everything in it and about it. I am always acutely aware that my life is great and that I am blessed to be where I am.

14. I set high standards for myself. I want to be exceptional and do exceptional things, and I will. Not because I’m particularly talented, but because I am prepared to work harder than most. I love to explore and push the boundaries of my potential.

15. I love swimming against the tide. I love doing what most people don’t or won’t. I love being unconventional and throwing ‘logic’ out the window (now and then). Sometimes logic is a synonym for fear and ignorance.

16. I look after myself physically. I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs and I never have. Ever. Being physically fit and healthy, helps me stay focused on a mental, emotional and creative level. It’s very hard to be ‘up’ when you’re physically unwell.

17. My self-talk is positive. I don’t beat myself up. I don’t feel sorry for myself and I don’t indulge in ‘pity parties’.

18. I get great feedback and support from lots of amazing people – like you. Thanks.

19. I keep stimulated and challenged by doing lots of different stuff! I thrive on variety and change – private coaching, corporate speaking, professional writing, TV, radio, blogging, business coaching and every so often, I make an appearance at my gyms. If I had to do the same thing day in, day out, I would be in trouble. I have made a career out of my passion. I get paid to do what I love.

20. I spend quiet time alone recharging my batteries. No phone, no internet, no TV, no people, no noise, no distractions. I connect with the fat eight year-old for a while and see what he has to tell me. Sometimes the only person we don’t listen to is ourselves.

See, that was short and sweet. I knew I could do it.

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