July 5, 2011


I am so excited to announce that I passed two tests last week -- a 180 WPM Congressional and a 190 WPM Congressional!  Woo hoo!  Thank GOD!  And I thought Congressional takes were my most dreaded takes!  I have NO FURTHER Congressional tests to worry about!  What a relief!  YAY!

I think I know why I might have passed these tests:

-I have been practicing longer and at higher speeds (180 up to 225 WPM).

-I have been practicing hard copy and repeating each sentence 3 times.  If I make any kind of error, I repeat the sentence another 3 times to help ensure accuracy.

-I didn't stress out while taking the tests.  I allowed my fingers to take full control.  I shut down my brain and went into auto pilot.

-I made sure I used up my full 1 hour of transcription time and went over my tests very carefully before turning them in.

-I was generally happy.  I was in high spirits, getting enough rest, and content and proud that I was accomplishing small tasks in my daily to-do list.

I think all the above culminated in my passes.  What are the factors that allow you to pass your tests?


Anonymous said...

I can't even remember what factors contributed to me passing anything. I'm so discouraged right now;, which is how I ended up here. I Googled the question: How can I write faster... I need two 225 Q&As to finish school and I've been stuck for what feels like forever and I'm disgusted. Your comment about getting plenty of rest struck a cord with me, though. I am definitely not doing that. Ugh!!! Just looking for some moral support.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by practicing hard copy?

Steno Nerd (AKA Christine) said...

To Anonymous No. 1,

I can see how you can feel discouraged...but CHOOSE not to be!!! You've already reached this far in speed at the 200 WPM range...you are SO CLOSE to finishing! I think you need to 1) NOT doubt yourself, 2) get needed breaks from the steno machine (we don't want you to burn out), and 3) log in hours and hours on your steno machine by taking too-fast dictation, just-right dictation, and slower dictation, breaking out your Theory book and reviewing each chapter, practicing finger drills to strengthen your finger dexterity, and practicing your numbers, common names, briefs, etc. All I can say is YOU CAN DO IT!!! DON'T BE DISCOURAGED!!! BELIEVE...and you WILL ACHIEVE!!! This is the time to NOT give up...now that you are literally at the threshold of graduation! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

To Anonymous No. 2,

Practicing by hard copy is having a written material in front of you (whether it be on your computer screen or in printed form), and then writing out the words on your steno machine. For example, if I need to pass a Jury Charge test, I print out a Jury Charge (easily accessible via the Internet) and write each sentence 3x slowly and deliberately on my steno machine MAKING SURE I am stroking every syllable correctly. If I make a mistake, I start again. Having written material in front of you is also a great way to ask yourself if you can brief a word or phrase and identify any weak areas of your Theory that you need to look over and re-learn.

All the best to you both!!!

- Christine (Steno Nerd)

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