July 7, 2011


Sap alert!  This post is all about my husband... and how great of an artist I think he is!  Look at these super cute images he drew and colored himself! :D

My husband is by far my biggest supporter of me going through court reporting school.  He not only hears me out when I need to vent or ramble, but he really wants to know the process of stenography, TC's (typing credits), tests, and even briefs!  He's a GUI (graphic user interface) -- he designs websites.  But he's also a programmer and wants to sharpen his skills as a programmer on a daily basis.  After we eat our dinner and clean up, we're usually both studying -- me on my steno machine, he on his desktop.  It helps to have someone sort of go through the same academic journey you are... or at least someone there to continually cheer you on.  I know I'm a very blessed girl. :)

Who is your biggest supporter?

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