July 26, 2009


It's official! Today marks 316 subscribers (readers) of Steno Nerd! Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) This blog is truly a joy for me to put together for you! I started Steno Nerd because I love to blog/write, I want to be of help to other court reporting students (I hope I have been so far!), and I want to chronicle my own journey of transitioning from a court reporting student into a certified shorthand reporter. Are you having as much fun as I am? Hope so! I started Steno Nerd on June 18, 2009, so it's been up and running for about a month and one week now. I'm really humbled by the outpouring of readers, and your readership loyalty really makes me want to always bring you quality content, honest opinions, and a fun online steno community where we can interact. So thanks again, Everyone! Cheers! Here's to many more blog posts and new subscribers to come! :)

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