July 9, 2009


THANK YOU to all who took the time to go through my "Getting To Know You" Quiz. Interesting answers! I love all the responses! You guys have great info to share... and you guys are pretty funny too! I like that! ;) Below are some of what you wrote in the short paragraph answers. Enjoy and thanks again! I know going through 15+ questions takes a lot of time and effort... but then again I wouldn't have noticed since I LOVE to take random, fun quizzes! There, now you know a bit more about me. :) P.S. Feel free to add any more answers in the comment section! The more, the merrier! :) P.P.S. I seriously am grateful for all these answers from you! This will help A LOT of court reporting student (like myself) and even others who don't know about the court reporting profession OR who might be looking into it! WELL DONE, CR COMMUNITY! YAY! :D
Briefly share why and how you got into Court Reporting:
  • I was hoping to land a hot, rich atty -- things don't always work out as planned... j/k
  • 25 years ago I was typing for court reporters, and I realized I was doing most of the work and they were making most of the money, and it kind of made me mad. So I guess I got into court reporting out of spite!
  • Actually my journey started 20 years ago. I was in court reporting school, and an unfortunate car accident injuring my hand and wrist forced me to drop out. I had to overcome being in a cast for over a year due to broken bones and surgery! So, I went to college where I completed my B.A. in English. I always wanted to return to my first true vocational love, court reporting...so here I am!!!
  • In high school, the choices were accountant or...come to find out my business law teacher's wife was a court reporter. Never heard of such a professional until then. Somehow the job description intrigued me; set your own hours, master a skill, strong in the English language = Sold!
  • I needed a career change at 50+ years and thought of returning to stenography, which I studied and enjoyed 35 years ago.
  • A dare - I was dared to do it. A bet - I was bet I couldn't do it. I lost. My health went bad. I scope because I fell in love with the whole shebang.
Your best tip(s) for Court Reporting Students:
  • Practice, practice, practice. Concentrate on theory before speed. Focus.....
  • Find ways to stay motivated Don't give up.
  • Intern with a court reporting company doing all aspects of the industry
  • Seeing the "light" at the end of the tunnel is a MUST! Sometimes it seems like the teeny tiny baby steps you take while transitioning to the next speed can be excruciatingly sloooooow. I have told friends it feels like I'm a snail moving in slow motion...now that's slow!! Keep going forward, don't condemn yourself or get down on yourself for not getting there faster. You will get there. You will succeed. It's just a matter of time, and patience!
  • The Sky is the limit. Always have a positive attitude. Always. Go and take a look at a real-live court reporter. If she/he can do it, so can you...and even better. Whether it's court or freelance, be the best you can be. Always be professional.
  • Write yourself a check for an amount you envision you will earn as a reporter. Write your name in as the payee. When practice and dictation and tests seem endless, pull out your check and know -- KNOW -- you have the power to earn that in a day. But you have to get through with school first. School will end. It's up to you when.
  • Read it, hear it, write it. Practice everyday.
  • Practice, believe and lean on others when you need to.
List your Pros and Cons of Court Reporting:
  • All the reasons I listed in the "why I became a court reporter" question.
  • Supportive community of reporters, salary, flexibility.
  • Working from home office
  • The Pros are truly infinite. Controlling your destiny, knowing that you are among the elite that finally made it to this point. The variety that the career allows for---never a dull moment!
  • Freedom in lifestyle, flexibility. No boss! Master of skill. Come & go as I please. Unique profession. Professionalism. Challenge. Income.
  • Some seasons require working practically 24/7. Moving to another area requires starting over, essentially, because you have to break in all over again. Freelancing means you never know where the money is coming from or when it's coming.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, adversarial environments of litigation
  • Long depos
  • I guess the only con might be the long hours of sitting and possible hand injuries that are possibilities.
  • Nothing is bad that can't be dealt with or seen as a positive.
  • The only con is the lengthy prep time to learn the complicated theory. But, that's also a pro because I love a challenge and knowing I am becoming proficient at something most people don't understand. Stenotyping is sort of like a secret language that only a few intelligent people are able to decode. :)
What year, between your birth year to the current date, would you call your happiest and why?
  • 2009, right now. I'm in court reporting school and on my way to finishing! Once I become a licensed CSR, I'm going to marry my very best friend, and we'll start our life together under one roof! :D
  • Yes, I would really like to call my current birth year (date) very happy indeed!
  • 1982 - the birth of my son.
  • The year after college, because I helped people the most that year.
  • 2007 - Christmas with Dad
  • Wow, that's a thought provoking question. I really have tried to live in the NOW, so for sure this year, this day, this moment, this is what I try to make the happiest. Could I have been any more vague?
  • 1970 when I was born. This is the day my world began and my life for me to appreciate and cherish for all the days, each one of them.
  • 2009. I'm still here, alive and well, enjoying every moment.
  • The summer of 1996. My husband loved me. I had two wonderful children. We were flush. We had a full crew that got along great. The summer was as perfect as it could get. Absolutely nothing bad happened or went wrong.
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  • More subscribers because this is the best and most up to date steno blog I've come across!
  • Perhaps you could talk about equipment and ratings of such. What people are using for their machines/software etc? Truly though your blog/site is awesomely creative!! Thank you!
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