July 22, 2009


It's true! Thank GOD! I also passed my 160 WPM Jury Charge Test! The limit is 12, and I got 9 wrong. This means I need to only pass my Testimony (Q&A) Test at 160 WPM to officially be writing at 180 WPM on my handy-dandy-grandy steno machine! Hehehe! So giddy! So happy! :) It really, really pays to be on CSR Nation! (If you haven't joined yet, you really, really oughta!) Through this awesome networking site for court reporters, I asked some of my online friends if they would share their best Testimony briefs with me. Keith Rowan, II, who is the author of the fabulous "How to Brief -- Philosophy & Practice," kindly shared his 47 pages of 4-voice Testimony brief words and brief phrases with me!
Here are just a few of the first new briefs I'm going to commit to memory to help me write shorter and therefore become faster on my steno machine: to my knowledge TOIJ to my memory TOIRM to the best of my knowledge TBIRJ to the best of your ability TURBLT to the best of your memory TBURM to the best of your recollection TBURX to your attention TURNGS to your knowledge TURJ do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? DAOUFRT call to the stand KAUND call your first witness KAUFS call your next witness KAUNS any further questions NIFRGS any more questions NIMGS or NIRGS no further NOFR or NOFRT no more questions NOMS off the record OFRK or OFRKD on the record OERKD strike that STRAT please raise your right hand PLAURND or PLAIRND raise your right hand RAURND are you employed RUMD* are you married RUMD did you live DUL do you live DAOUL what is your age WAURJ what is your job WAUB what is your occupation WAURPGS what is your address WAURS what is your WAUR what is your date of birth WAIRT*
where did you live WRUL*
where do you reside WRAOURD
where do you work WRAOURK


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Love this!! Thank you Keith!

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