July 29, 2009


Today was definitely a good steno day... totally making up for my really bad steno day just yesterday! HOORAY! :) Here's the recap: - I woke up at 6:00 a.m. - I went to the gym and did some cardio. - I went to class and sat in on the lower speeds -- Jury Charge at 120 all the way down to 80 wpm. - I went to Yogurtland (my favorite!) and wrote down several of my briefs just so I can see them in front of me. - I went home for a break. I needed a change in scenery. I took a nap. - I went back to class tonight all refreshed and ready! I sat in on a push speed -- Testimony at 200 wpm... and then I sat in for my actual class -- Literary and Testimony at 160 wpm. And now the best news of this good steno day...
I hope so! I KNOW I got every word down, so now the final hurdle is transcribing it! I started the first half of the test tonight and will finish it off tomorrow morning. I'm going to go over this test very, very carefully... 1x, 2x, even 3x! I'll use every minute of the allotted time. I'll even show up to work a little late if it means giving more consideration to my test. And I really have to! Tomorrow is the last day of school before Summer Vacation. If I pass this 160 Testimony test, then I'll officially be at 180 wpm... and that would also mean that I went through my 160 wpm speed in TWO WEEKS!!! That's crazy! I've never, ever gone through any speed that fast. I honestly would average 3-4 months before I passed out of a speed... but that was before when I wasn't too serious about school (as you read in my previous post, "A Breakdown Moment"). Now I'm in an ALL OR NOTHING kind of mindset... and I'm going to get the "ALL" result because I'm putting in the "ALL" effort into it! You know, though... even if I don't pass this test, I know for sure I'm so close to it... it's literally within my reach! And that truly is enough encouragement already! To pass this test, though, ('cause I won't lie!) would be SUPER SWEET!!! :)

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