July 19, 2009


It's very important that we court reporting students (or licensed shorthand reporters -- you too, of course!) have a designated place where we can practice for hours on our steno machine, learn new briefs, scope our transcripts... and to do all this (for the most part!) uninterrupted. What do you call this place, you ask? It's called your very own home office!!! :) Do you have one???
I admit, I didn't carve my own little nook of a home office until only last year when I went back to school full-time. My put-together work station is in the garage because that was the quietest place indoor that I could find for it besides my bedroom (couldn't do it in my bedroom 'cause then I'd just sleep!). It's a great spot! Not only is it quiet, but I can do laundry while I study, too! Hehehe. My handy uncle installed custom-made shelves for me. I keep tons of my reference books here (plus all my fiction stuff, too -- high school days!). I used my quaint wooden kitchen table as my desk... then plop on top of that table/desk my pretty pink laptop, scoot in a chair, and voila! My home office! Home offices aren't just great for the student or working reporter -- they're great for anyone and everyone! From kids who can work on their arts and crafts here to parents who can balance the family budget here. If you don't have a quiet home office yet where you can go to be productive in, I heartily recommend that you get started on making one ASAP! You don't have to have an acre of space to create a home office. All you need is a quiet spot to call your own... period. For some ideas on how to create the space for your home office, click here. It's from Real Simple's website (which I love!), and the title is "21 Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office." It's a great click-through with awesome pictures to inspire you to have the home office of your dreams that is both beautiful and functional! :)

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