June 23, 2009


I firmly believe in setting goals and creating a To Do List. I can't live without some organization in my life. I need to know on paper what I'm setting out to do... so I can make the conscious effort to attain those goals... and then feel so proud of myself when I get to cross each one as DONE!!! Don't you love that feeling yourself?! Yesterday was the start of our Summer Session at my school, Tri-Community Adult Education Center. It's a six-week session. They say goals are dreams with deadlines. Well, my goal's deadline is the end of this six-week Summer Session. By that time, I want to have passed all three of my 160 WPM tests, so I can officially be in the 180 WPM speed group!!! With lots of practice, practice, practice... and GOD's help, I know I can do this!!! I love referring to this piece Hal Urban wrote from his book Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter. This section is taken out of Chapter 12 of that book, "Goals Are Dreams With Deadlines." Enjoy! And remember to set goals (with deadlines!) and have fun attaining them! :)

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"The Benefits of Setting Goals" By: Hal Urban Having goals can enrich our lives in a number of ways: MOTIVATION -- Goals are the starting blocks of motivation. They give us a reason to get off our duffs and get going. INDEPENDENCE -- Goals help us take charge of our own lives. Instead of following the crowd or wandering through life, we choose our own path, the one that leads to fulfillment of our ambitions. DIRECTION -- Goals give us a destination. We're far more likely to get someplace when we know where we're going. MEANING -- Goals give us a sense of purpose. Life has more meaning when we're clear on what we want. Instead of merely existing from one day to the next, our goals give us reasons to start really living. ENJOYMENT -- Goals are the antidote to the most dreaded of all social diseases: boredom. How can you be bored when you've got exciting things to do? Goals make our lives more fun, more interesting, and more challenging. FULFILLMENT -- Goals, more than anything else, help us reach our potential. Setting goals helps us see what's possible. Each successful step toward attaining them builds confidence. Each goal completed helps us see more of what's possible and leads to new goals and more success.

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