June 29, 2009


Just wanted to share some inspirational pics for my readers, especially my fellow court reporter students! Most of these pics are taken from the slideshow I have on my CSRnation page. *Add me if you're on there! I'd love to have another friend!* Also, I just posted a poll on my site asking: "How long does it typically take you to pass a speed level?" I answered the 3-4 months time period. At my school, Tri-Community, we have to pass 3 tests before we're bumped up to the next speed level: a Jury Charge, a Literary, and a Testimony. I usually pass my JC first because there's a ton of briefs in there that I already know. Next, is Lit since I strive to write short, write fast. Last, is my dreaded Testimony. I hesitate a lot on the symbols! Grr! Hehehe! Oh well, practice makes... MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ;) We'll get there! And now for the pics...

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