June 30, 2009


Even though I make To Do Lists, I don't always follow them perfectly. Who does?! Life happens, and we're only human! Well, this post is a reminder to myself (and you too, if you need it) that I need to manage my time well because time is very, very important. Like they say, if you waste money, you only lose money, and you are able to recover it. But if you waste time, you lose a part of your life, and you can never recover the seconds/minutes/hours/days that pass by. So let's make sure we're using our time wisely! The following excerpt is taken from one of my favorite authors and pastors, Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries, from his book Success God’s Way: Achieving True Contentment and Purpose, Chapter 11: “The Successful Use of Your Time.”
Key #7: Review Your Day At the close of a day, review the way in which you have spent your time. Evaluate your schedule. Compare what you did with what you intended to do. Ask yourself:
  • Did I make good use of my time?
  • Did I procrastinate?
  • Was I able to maintain my concentration?
  • Did I engage in activities that truly were priorities?
  • Did I make progress (even a little) toward the accomplishment of my God-given goals?
As you see yourself doing things you desire to do in order to be successful in God’s eyes, give thanks and praise to God for his guidance, help, and encouragement. If you recognize that you have made mistakes or have fallen short of the ideal schedule you set for yourself, ask the Lord’s forgiveness for any sins you have committed in wasting time, and then ask for His help to do better the next day. Don’t give up on the pursuit of your goals! Make adjustments, learn from your mistakes, and begin the next day with fresh enthusiasm and courage. As you put these seven principles* into action on a daily, consistent basis, you are going to discover that you are not only growing in self-esteem, but also moving closer and closer to the fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life. You will be doing what the Lord has set before you to do, and you will be in the process of becoming the person the Lord desires for you to be. The wise use of time is the mark of discipline. And discipline is essential for success. *Seven Keys to Good Time Management
  1. Assume Responsibility
  2. Seek God’s Guidance
  3. Plan Your Schedule
  4. Stay Organized
  5. Rely on God’s Wisdom
  6. Eliminate the Unimportant
  7. Review Your Day

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