June 19, 2009


CSRnation.com is like the Facebook for court reporters and all else linked to this profession, such as videographers, scopists, proofreaders, agencies, and even transcriptionists. I discovered this awesome website a few months back. A videographer named Monti Majthoub, along with his court reporting friend, Kelli Combs, put up this ingenious networking site in 2007, I believe. I absolutely love this place! Here’s why you should, too! THE PROS:
  • You get to network with court reporters! As a CR student, this is truly a huge plus for me! And the CRs are super duper nice and super duper supportive. You ask them a one-line question, and they’ll reply with paragraphs full of information! I’m truly thankful for all the CRs on this site who take the time to help a CR student like myself. When I’m a licensed CSR, I want to be a great mentor to many others too and return the love!
  • Free classified section! I’m a freelance transcriptionist on the side, so I find this place very useful. You can post available jobs, products you want to sell, or make it known that you’re available to take jobs.
  • Awesome groups! CSRnation.com has an array of useful, fun, interactive groups! There’s Magnum Steno Fan Club, Court Reporting Students, Brief Club, Case Catalyst, Court Reporting Agencies, Weight Watchers, Name That Website, Inspirational Messages, Realtime Reporters… the list goes on!
  • There’s also specified groups called Cover Depos, depending on location, where you can freely post jobs that need to be taken ASAP. This is where court reporting agencies, law offices, or anyone else who needs a court reporter to cover a job immediately gets responses… immediately! If I were a licensed CSR, I’d definitely be checking this group every day.
  • Other things that CSRnation.com has -- Forums, Blogs, Events, News, Videos, Photos, Upcoming Birthday Notifications, Toolbar, a Profile Page you can totally make your own, and lots, lots more!
  • Seriously, none that I know of. If you know of any, let me know. Or better yet, drop Monti a line, and maybe he could tweak whatever the issue is to make CSRnation.com even better! ;)
I log onto my CSRnation.com account every day and learn something new and do my best to post to others as well. I recommend you get involved and do it, too! You won’t regret it!

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